Same-dayify your online shop

Leading edge tools to enable your e-commerce site for same-day delivery.

Submit shipments to the platform using REST API

Submit shipments to the notime platform using our powerful, yet easy to use API. By using RESTful principals and resource-oriented URLs, we’ve tried to make it very easy to write and test your applications. The notime REST API uses common HTTP status codes and verbs for interaction, and you can use just about any HTTP client in any programming language to implement it. Below you find a Ruby on Rail and PHP implementation. You can find many more examples and detailed instructions on our documentation page.

Integration steps

Register for a trial account

Click here and sign up for a fully functional trial account. Once you are registered, subscribe to our trial product.

Add notime to your website

Check out the documentation and follow the many code examples in C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, ObjC, Python, Ruby, Curl.

Go into production

Contact us at so we can help you to be sending from your site in absolutely no time.


PHP Integration

Here you find a simple PHP script that shows you how to submit shipments from a PHP script. If you are running a Magento store you might also want to check out our notime Button.

Ruby on Rails

Use notime API within a Ruby on Rails project. Download implementation from here.

notime Button - Web Widget

Enable your e-commerce site for same-day by just copying a few lines of script to your website html code. notime Button is a simple webwidget that monitors the postcode field of your website. If it detects a location that is supported for same-day, it displays the same-day button. Clicking on the same-day button allows your customer to select the desired delivery timeslot: Be it the same day in the evening, or the next day in the office, or whenever its most comfortable for your client.

Integration steps

Create the widget

From log into service management and select "Create notime Button" from the cog wheel to customize your "button".

Add the button to your website

Copy the generated html- and JavaScript script code to your website. (The JavaScript code can be placed anywhere, the html code for the same-day button should be placed in the appropriate place of your website markup).

Approve the transaction

In your website server script add a simple "Approve" HTTP Post statement at the location where the order is completed.


Sample Popup

Click on the button below to view a sample delivery timeslot selection. It is just an example; the timeslots are part of the agreement you will have with us; the design can be adjusted according to your liking (and branding obviously):

Place the Button in the checkout section

Your customers can have the goods delivered on the same-day or exactly when they want it. It's a small step for a coder but a giant leap for customers. service!

Place the Button in the product preview section

For your "logged in" or return customers you probably already know their postcode. Wouldn't they much more likely buy from you if the goods arrived at their doorstep the same evening, or at their office in the afternoon?

Magento Extension

If your online shop runs on Magento then you can make use of the
notime extension.
With few lines of code you can add same-day shipping and timeslot picking to your checkout section.

Shopify Extension

If your online shop runs on Shopify then you can make use of the notime extension for Shopify.
With few lines of code you can add same-day shipping and timeslot picking to your Shopify checkout section.


Imagine you have your own personal butler, always two steps behind you, friendly obedient but never intrusive, delivering your postage on a shiny sliver tablet ...

Well, not quite, but notime FollowMeTM gets close to it. For every shipment via the notime platform your customer gets sent an SMS with a link to the mobile friendly FollowMeTM page. Here your customers view or change their desired delivery timeslot. Even better, up to almost the last minute (hour actually) you can change the delivery location. So if you want to have your iPad delivered while reading newspapers in Starbucks?

It's now possible thanks to notime FollowMeTM.

Integration steps

Customize FollowMeTM

From log into service management and select "FollowMeTM" from the cog wheel to customize your FollowMeTM page. Specify at what stage of the delivery process you want FollowMe sent, and set your branding.

Reach your customer

With a targeted banner ad at the bottom of your FollowMeTM page you get even closer to your customers.

Include their mobile number

When submitting shipments to us make sure you provide us the mobile number of the recipient.


Modify time & delivery location

Pick a different timeslot, either on the same day, the next day or even several days into the future. Change the delivery location with just a couple of clicks.

Follow the driver

Follow the approach of the driver live on a map when it gets close to the delivery time.

Rate the service

Ratings are very imporant to us in order to improve the service.